Faculty Research Seed Grant Program
2014 Faculty Research Seed Grant Awards

The following is a list of proposals selected for the University-wide Faculty Research Seed Grant Program. A major criteria in judging the applications was that these projects would lead to external funding in the near term.

There were 69 proposals submitted, the largest in the history of this program, with a total dollar request of more than $1.3 million; hence the process was very competitive. Thank you to all Faculty Research Seed Grant Program applicants and congratulations to awardees!


Combined High-Resolution LAser Scanner and Swath Bathymetry Sidescan
Principal Investigator: Pierre-Philippe Beaujean

Development and Hydrodynamics Studies of a Bio-Inspired Underwater Vehicle
Principal Investigator: Oscar Curet

Intraspecific Genetic Diversity in African Cercopithecus Monkeys
Principal Investigator: Kate Detwiler

American Mosques: An Ethnohistorical Study of Mosques in the United States
Principal Investigator: Jacqueline Fewkes

Trophic Mechanisms Promoting the Emergence of Pro-Epileptic Hippocampal Circuitry
Principal Investigator: Kathleen Guthrie

Bioengineering of Transplantable Eye Tissues
Principal Investigator: Marc Kantorow

1) New Natural Product Derived HIV Entry Inhibitors
2) Ultrafast Silicon F18-Fluorination for PET Medical Imaging

Principal Investigator: Salvatore Lepore

Mechanisms of Interaction between Malaria-infected Erythrocytes and Monocyte/Macrophages and Modulation of Innate Immune Activity
Principal Investigator: Andrew Oleinikov

The Feasibility Study of Compressing Sensing Active Serial Imaging System
Principal Investigator: Bing Ouyang

Dietary Anti-Inflammatory Chitin Microparticles in Colitis
Principal Investigator: Yoshimi Shibata

Development and Hydrodynamic Characterization of an Engineered-Mangrove Wave Damping System
Principal Investigator: Keith Van de Riet

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